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Croatia Agriculture Research and Educational Exchange


This project will establish an agricultural exchange of research scientists and producers between Croatia and Georgia, USA. An evaluation of promising pomegranate and kale selections for phytonutrient content will be accomplished through an exchange of germplasm. It is anticipated that high phytonutrient and heat-tolerant cultivars of kale will be identified for production in both regions, while novel pomegranate cultivars suitable for production in humid climates, containing high levels of phytonutrients, and have market appeal, will be identified to assist with the establishment of a new industry in Georgia. In order to facilitate these research objectives, strong links between research scientists, county agents and growers from both regions will be required. This will be accomplished through extensive use of in person and video-conferencing, training of a graduate student, undergraduate study abroad programs, Deans and Directors meetings, and intensive short-courses for local stakeholders, students and scientists. This project will result in the identification of novel kale and pomegranate cultivars and their phytonutrient content, and facilitate the training and education of Croatian producers and researchers to the extension service framework.


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